PD-icon.svg zh-TW: 中華民國著作權法中華民國九十三年(2004年)八月二十四日現行條文:
第九條 (著作權標的之限制)
  • 下列各款不得為著作權之標的:
    • 一、憲法、法律、命令或公文。
    • 二、中央或地方機關就前款著作作成之翻譯物或編輯物。
    • 三、標語及通用之符號、名詞、公式、數表、表格、簿冊或時曆。
    • 四、單純為傳達事實之新聞報導所作成之語文著作。
    • 五、依法令舉行之各類考試試題及其備用試題。
  • 前項第一款所稱公文,包括公務員於職務上草擬之文告、講稿、新聞稿及其他文書。

本作品來自上列各款,在中華民國臺灣地區,也可能在其他管轄區,屬於公有領域交通標誌標線號誌圖像,請另參見Template:PD-ROC-Traffic SignsTemplate:PD-ROC-Traffic Indicating Lines

en: Copyright Act of the Republic of China in effect in Taiwan:

Article 9

The following items shall not be the subject matter of copyright:

  1. The constitution, acts, regulations, or official documents.
  2. Translations or compilations by central or local government agencies of works referred to in the preceding subparagraph.
  3. Slogans and common symbols, terms, formulas, numerical charts, forms, notebooks, or almanacs.
  4. Oral and literary works for news reports that are intended strictly to communicate facts.
  5. Test questions and alternative test questions from all kinds of examinations held pursuant to laws or regulations.

The term "official documents" in the first subparagraph of the preceding paragraph includes proclamations, text of speeches, news releases, and other documents prepared by civil servants in the course of carrying out their duties.

This work is from any of the items above and is in the public domain in Taiwan administered by the Republic of China and possibly other jurisdictions. For images of traffic signs and indicating lines, please see also Template:PD-ROC-Traffic Signs and Template:PD-ROC-Traffic Indicating Lines.

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